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in the time of the Metamorphis, The Shift, private readings & consultations, speaking events

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by sophia kathleen ann, creation theory and cultural anthropology credentials

Teaching Credentials, Ph.D level knowledge and training

Subject Matter Expertise, Cirriculuum Vitae

  • Global Climate Solutions Expert, Bio-Diversity, Organic Agriculture and Re-Forestation expert
  • Anthropology, the study of Humans and Human Nature, Psychology
  • Archeology, Ancestral Origins
  • Creation Theorist, building on Darwinian Theory
  • Genetics and Geneology
  • Geo-Physics and Plate Tectonics
  • Enigmatic Teaching Skills, Master Level
  • Environmental and Organic Agriculture Expert, Rudolph Steiner Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Teachings & Expertise (Waldorf Schools), Kenaf, Bamboo, Hemp, fibre alternatives (food and construction)
  • Optimum Human Health Expert, Integrated Health & Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Mycologist, ‘Oncology’ Expert
  • Geo-Thermal and Energy Expert, WADE
  • Physics, Quantum Physics, Astronomy, Applied Science, Astral Sciences, Cosmology, Astrology, Mathematics
  • Spiritual Master, Consciousness Expert, Jungian Theory, Educator & Teacher
  • Ancient and Modern Wisdom, Truth and Legal Teaching Expert
  • Philosophy, Reasoning, Socratic Dialogue Expertise
  • Rules of Law for New World Perspective
  • Business Analyst, Business Re-Organization Expert, Mass Communications Expert, Telecommunications Expert, Marketing and Advertising Expert, Marketing Communications, Freelance Writer, Editor, Journalist, Author, Poet
  • Translator, Interpreter, Linguist, Bilingual (French, English)


:the marked end of the biblical period, total year reset to zero.5: (star date april 5th/58

Take a mystical journey into your own enlightenment with one of a kind storyteller and writer extraordinaire, twilight evenings with genevieve, stories and ancient healing wisdom and life teachings

:Sacred Texts of Progressional Wisdom from the Aeons & Greece, Beyond Atlantis:

reveal your life’s path, quadruple your income, find your hearts contentedness factor, harness your purpose, passions and skills to live in god’s world, the created world, not the man made world of illusions that sell credit cards as happiness keys.

world peace is the context for everything i do, because i dreamed i could do this, because goethe, in His Divine wisdom, spoke these words, “for whatever you can do or dream you can, do it, for boldness has beauty and magic in it.”

unto the heavens, this is written into geneisis, the shift is full blue moon upon us, lunar blessings from Goddess Moon are flourishing the earth, Sophia of the Mysts (kathleen ann) is the primary and fundamental source of Resplendance, this is my divine heritage, my life purpose revealed, canada embraces CURES for climate change and cancer,

demeter biodynamic organic agriculture, The 5th New Civilization of the Modern Era, unto Natives and the Great Mayans we have a return to bio-diversity on earth, the cdn government is funding a zillion dollar project on bio-dynamics at The Experimental Farm for public viewing in support, CDN gov. accepts World Peace deal, 2 signatories now, a world’s first and Harper is helping AND trusting in god’s ability to keep the momentum going,

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